Home Theater Systems

More Than Movies

In today's world, a Home Theater can mean so many things. It can be as simple as a dedicated room with acoustic sound treatment, or complex and robust like an in-home AMC. 

It can also be a luxury den with a large flat-screen TV and sound to match, with a wet bar and game room tables mixed in for your enjoyment.

Or maybe it's a private TV room with a soundbar to enjoy your favorite films in peace.

Whatever your needs are, CAVES is here to help you design and install the right space for your needs and budget.

To simplify this process, we have designed 3 tiers of Home Theater System packages. We rank them as Gold, Silver, and Bronze. CAVES can design and install them in New Construction Projects or Pre-Existing Homes.

If you need further customization or a package built just for you, we're happy to help! Simply give us a call. 

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