Surveillance System 4 Camera Package Gold

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CAVES Gold Security System Package


This surveillance package concentrates on the quality of cameras. These are LED Dome cameras that give you Starlight Technology at night. What that means to you is all color all the time. These cameras feature a new Starlight chipset that is always in color mode - dependably streaming in color down to 0.0003 lux of ambient light (3x darker than a moonless night) supplemented in complete darkness by 90+ feet of "warm light" full-spectrum LEDs. These LEDs flood the camera's FOV with what looks to us like a gentle glow, but to the camera's large-aperture lens and 4MP Starlight chip that "glow" reads at near daylight brightness, so the camera streams the scene will full color and clarity.


Max Series cameras have always been our dealer/integrator's favorite choice for industrial, commercial, and residential camera installations. These new "All color/All the time" models are the series' next step in camera evolution. With its eyeball design, 24/7 Starlight color, built-in mic, FlexSmartAI features, and a 10 Year Limited Warranty, the Max Series camera is an ideal eyeball dome choice for your next IP security system installation.


When it comes to quality, this surveillance package offers a 4K NVR which offers maximum detail and clarity and all the processing power to meet the high demands from LED cameras. If you are into analytics, the NVR also provides Ai Technology to produce heat maps and trip zone, people counting, and much more for all the analytics you desire.