Brunswick Traditional Billiards Table Cloth

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The Brunswick Traditional Billiards Table Cloth is a must-have for anyone looking for a quality billiards cloth. Available in 8 classic colors and made with a custom steam-pressed weave of 75% wool and 25% nylon, this premium cloth will make any billiards table look like new! Whether you're looking to replace the cloth on your existing billiard surface, or you're building your own table from scratch, this cloth is the perfect choice. Enjoy a classic look with perfect playability - you won't be sorry!

- Brunswick Series Woolen Cloth (21 oz.) provides a playing surface free of knots, assuring accurate ball roll and playability
- Brunswick's exclusive active sheering process provides the smoothest playing surface possible
- A 2500 lb. cylinder steams and presses the cloth to give it a harder finish insuring little or no pilling and faster play
- All of the wool is bleached before dying to provide a cleaner and more vibrant colored product
Available for 8' and 9' tables