Wireless Surround Sound Package - Bronze

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CAVES Wireless Surround Sound Packages

You want a fantastic surround sound system but wiring it up can be a challenge in your home? Our Wireless Surround Sound Packages are designed to meet all the challenges experienced in homes. We offer 3 tiers of Wireless Surround Sound Systems. They are Gold, Silver and Bronze. These Packages are compiled to get you premium sound, ease of use and the reliability for years to come.

Adding a Soundbar to your tv, will make it louder but often its not giving you the true surround effect that most people desire. Our Wireless Surround Systems will get you the immersive sound that the movie producers work hard to achieve when creating your favorite movie.

If the packages are not what you are desiring, let our design team custom design a system for your budget and your needs. These packages are starting points and can be built upon for a much larger broader system or they can be trimmed down to perform at a lower level or hit a smaller price point. We are here to help provide the right solution for every client.


CAVES Bronze Wireless Surround Sound Package

Wireless Surround Sound System Features:

  • Sonos ARC Soundbar-Sonos is a popular choice for its performance and ease of use. 
  • Sonos Sub-The subwoofer is a great compliment to the ARC soundbar with its full base sound.
  • Sonos One SL rear speakers-This completes your full surround sound experience. A Soundbar by itself is virtual surround sound-Adding rear speakers makes the sound jump out at you and the wondering “where did that come from?” sound is well worth adding rear speakers to complete your surround sound experience. Speaker stands are also included int his package.
  • Pro Control Home Theater Remote-Make it easy to control your system with one convenient device. Touchscreen with rechargeable batteries.
  • Built in Streaming Music to complete your stereo sound system.
  • Price includes install, programming and all cabling to complete your experience.