Harrows ICON Soft Tip Darts Set - 90% Tungsten Barrels - 16.5 gm

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Shingo Enomata has been actively involved in the design process to produce a single barrel design based on his current ‘The Tornado’ signature darts. Whilst the design has been simplified, the grip and consistency have been maintained. The recessive curve grip ensures reliable feel and perfect performance. Shingo has delivered a dart that is both technically superb and, with its re-cut, blue titanium nitride coating, visually stunning. Presented in our new landscape display carton.

  • 90% Tungsten Barrels
  • Quantum Flights
  • Supergrip 2ba Shafts
  • 2ba Soft tip points

Barrel only weight – 16.5gm

Fully dressed weight (approximately) – 18gm

Barrel length – 42.00mm

Barrel diameter – 7.20mm

All darts sold in a set of 3