Harrows Vivid Brass Soft Tip Darts Set - 18 gm

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Unique Vivid darts are a stunning introduction to the Harrows range and are the pinnacle of non-tungsten darts. As the name suggests, these darts are available in four vivid colors; Blue, Red, Green and Black. The darts are carefully machined, then coated in a nitro-lacquer before being re-cut to give that eye-catching brass/color contrast. The darts are fitted with Black Speed line shafts and Vivid flights.

- Barrel Material - Brass
- Barrel Shape - Torpedo
- Balance Point - Front Loaded
- Grip Intensity - 3/5
- Color - Green, Brass
- Shaft Thread Type - 2BA
- Point Thread Type - 2BA
- Match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams