Jack Daniel's Charcoal Back Bar

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Jack Daniel's Charcoal Back Bar is an uncompromising premium whiskey with a bold, charcoal-infused taste. Give your palate the ultimate flavor experience by sipping this smooth, smooth whiskey. Create a perfect nightcap or enjoy it on the rocks.

- Crafted from select hardwood with a mellow, hand rubbed Tennessee Charcoal finish
- Features laser engraved "Jack Daniel's" logo on the header and antique pewter Old No. 7 medallions
- Screen printed mirror with Old No. 7 logo is highlighted by LED lights recessed in the crown
- Also includes shelf to display bottles and an antique pewter Old No. 7 drawer pull on the accessory drawer
- Comes fully assembled
- Mounting hardware included
- 28.5"H x 30.25"W x 8.5"D