Legacy Billiards Play Packs

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Classic Play Kit
The great starter kit for a new billiard table, the Classic Play Kit includes everything needed to start and maintain a seriously fun game room. A variety of accessories are included to get you up and running, including multiple 2-piece cues, a ball set, racks, instructional booklet, and more. Balls are made from poly-resin.

1-Lifetime Guaranteed Ball Set made in poly-resin
4-57”, two-Piece Cues
1-Two-Piece Bridge Stick
1-Professional Bridge head
1-Triangle Rack
1-9-Ball Rack
1-Six Cue Roman Rack
1-Table Brush
1-Under Rail Brush
1-Black Plastic Dust Cover
1-instructions booklet

Heritage Play Kit
A fantastic kit for the billiards beginner, the Heritage Play Kit provides all the basics needed to start your game of pool right away. Containing billiard balls, cues, racks, and more, this is a great gift at an excellent value. Balls are made from poly-resin.

1-ball set, poly-resin
2- 57” cues
1-nine ball rack
1-eight cue rack
1-rail brush
1-instruction booklet

Sterling Play Kit
A perfect addition to any pool table, the Sterling accessory contains everything needed to get your game room ready for action, including tools to help maintain your gorgeous pool table throughout its life. Play Kits Sterling comes in a wide array of rich finishes to perfectly complement your table. Balls are made from poly-resin.

1-Lifetime Guaranteed Ball Set made in poly-resin.
4-57” two piece cues with adjustable weights
1-two piece bridge stick
1-professional bridge head
1-triangle heavy duty rack
1-nine ball heavy duty rack
1-eight cue deluxe rack
1-table brush
1-under rail brush
1-instruction booklet