Presidential Billiards Grant Shuffleboard Table

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The Grant Shuffleboard is a beautiful games table that comes in an Ash Brown Finish. The Shuffleboard Table is part of the Grant Game Room Collection.

Table Size: 12' Shuffleboard Table
Cabinet Material: Red Grandis
Playboard Material: Aspen
Solid Wood
Carpet Padded Gutters
This shuffleboard game table has large climatic adjusters to ensure flat playing surface
This Shuffleboard Table includes: 2 metal Abacai, 4 Blue Pucks,, 4 Red Pucks, 1 can of Wax and a Brush

Shuffleboard Table: 142.8" x 31.9" x 32"
Shuffleboard Play Surface: 128" x 20" x 2.25"
Weight: 624lbs