Security System Package Bronze

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Clients can get lost in the shuffle when it comes to Security System choices. The most popular format when it comes to Security Systems is to choose a Smart Home Security System. This system will allow you to expand the options needed to cover different areas of your home or needs like smart lighting control, motorized locks, thermostats, etc... Smart Home Security systems can be controlled from the convenience of your smartphone using the app.

CAVES has designed 3 convenient packages to get you started. The Gold, Silver, and Bronze packages are designed to give you multiple options and expandability. If you have a larger home or want more bells and whistles, the Gold package may work better for you. If you are just starting out and have a smaller space, the Bronze package will work better for you.


CAVES Bronze Security System Package

The Bronze Security package is just like the Silver Package but the Water leak Detector and CO2 detector are eliminated from this package.


This package includes:

  • (1) Edge Series Security Panel: 

    *Facial Recognition-touchless Connivence

    *Increased Data Privacy built-in

    *Smart Home Capabilities

    *Live Video Viewing

    *On-Board Camera and 2-way audio


  • (3) Encrypted Door/Window Sensors


  • (1) Encrypted Glass Break Sensor


  • (1) Encrypted Fire Listener


**This package includes installation. Add-On sensors and cameras, door locks available.