Shot Darts Kyle Anderson Deser Boomer Soft Tip Dart Set 18gm

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Legendary native animals like the Australian Kangaroo represent unbeatable strength, speed and skill. Designed for The Original Kyle Anderson range, this 80% tungsten precision machined, straight dart set draws inspiration from its totem animal and its vast desert habitat. In the rich ochre colors of the outback, this design represents Kyle's trailblazing journey. To be the first, find the courage to last the distance. Leave your tracks so others may follow. Desert Boomer soft tip features a smooth nose for ease of extraction from the dartboard and to go easy on the fingers. Three distinct grip patterns have a different feel for each; this flexible dart set can be thrown from the front, mid or back sections. The rounded bullnose flows to an area with V cuts for a no-slip advantage, and the cross patterns provide a multi-directional feel. A classic ring grip completes the midsection of the set, which adds consistency to the throw. The unique, precision machined Tracks grip prevents horizontal and vertical slip and provides a useful point of reference.