Shot Darts Tribal Weapon 5 Soft Tip Darts Set - 90% Tungsten Barrels - 22 gm

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You’re a true force to be reckoned with. Inspired by the ancient arts of Pacific and Asian combat, Tribal Weapon 5 is battle-forged from the finest 90% Tungsten. A striking silhouette holds fast to the solidity that made the original Tribal Weapon a winner. It goes through hell - our intensive 7-stage process - to achieve its precision finish, and a slip-free signature pyramid grip that offers limitless potential to defeat your strongest opponent. Armoured with an ultra-durable, sleek black titanium nitride coating, re-machined for strength and beauty, Tribal Weapon 5 works harder for centre and front throwers. If you're seeking a competitive edge, you’ve found your weapon of choice.

Barrel Design: The tapered nose features the Shot Darts signature pyramid grip. Just behind this, axial cuts are added to enhance grip and prevent slip during play. The mid-section features an indented scallop that serves as an ideal reference point. The push point sits just behind this and features axial cuts for maximum grip. The dart finishes with a slight taper in the back that leads into a sharked ring grip flat section.

Darts: Set of 3

Flights: Custom Tribal Weapon White 100 Micron Small Standard Flights

Shaft: Eagle Claw - Bone White Lippoint

Points: Premium White Lippoint

Range: Tribal Weapon Range

Material: 90% Tungsten

Thread: 2BA

Match Weighted: +/- 0.05 gm

Featured Grip: Pyramid Grip, Scalloped Grip

Grip Level: 3/5

Shape: Missile Shape

Balance: Front Weighted

Barrel Coating: Black Titanium