Shot Darts Tribal Weapon 5 Soft Tip Darts Set - 22 gm

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Go Tribal With The Shot Darts Tribal Weapon 5 Soft Tip Dart Set – 22 GM! Boasting three precision-crafted, heavy-duty soft tip darts, this set gives you the power and control you need to take down the competition. Unleash your skill and accuracy onto the board and conquer the dart board with these top-grade weapons!

- Custom Tribal Weapon White 100 Micron Small Standard Flights
- Shaft: Eagle Claw - Bone White Lippoint
- Points: Premium White Lippoint
- Range: Tribal Weapon Range
- Material: 90% Tungsten
- 22 gm
- Thread: 2BA
- Match Weighted: +/- 0.05 gm
- Featured Grip: Pyramid Grip, Scalloped Grip
- Grip Level: 3/5
- Shape: Missile Shape
- Balance: Front Weighted
- Barrel Coating: Black Titanium