Shot Darts Tribal Weapon Koa Soft Tip Dart Set - 90% Tungsten Barrels - 18 gm

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The warriors of King Kamehameha the Great, built canoes and made weapons from a wood named Koa found on the Big Island of Hawaii. Like it's namesake, the Tribal Weapon Koa is crafted for strength and beauty, from premium 90% Tungsten and shielded in durable, micro-fine Ti Carbon coating. 

Koa embodies potent force with its prominent centre section inspired by tribal war clubs. It's refined Tribal Weapon scallop has rings set into the curve with added grip. Finished with tenacious new ti coated steel tip points etched with cinder grip. Honed and tested during our intensive 7-stage process – the result is a precision finish, and a decisive grip that lets your throw travel far, but not wide.

Barrel Design:  There are 3 distinct grip sections on this dart barrel which will suit all finger placement preferences. Koa's short, smooth nose is followed by re-invented shark grip in the Shot pyramid grip style, which gives maximum adhesion while not being overly aggressive. A clearly defined re-imagined knurl sits at the midsection with multiple points for reference. A refined version of the traditional Tribal Weapon scallop follows at the push point, while the scallop rings are set in line with the curve, their triangular points extend out of this area ensure a no-slip advantage. 

Darts: Set of 3

Flights: Tribal Weapon Koa- Small Standard

Shaft: Toa Carbon Shafts with Spring Ring- In Between Size

Points: Premium Lippoint

Range: Tribal Weapon Range

Material: 90% Tungsten

Thread: 2BA

Match Weighted: +/- 0.05 gm

Featured Grip: Pyramid Grip, Scalloped Grip

Grip Level: 4/5

Shape: Tapered

Balance: Centre Weighted

Barrel Coating: Black Titanium

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