Shot Darts Viking Hammer Steel Tip Darts Set - 20 gm

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Welcome to a world of extraordinary skill! This 20 gm steel tip darts set from Shot Darts is your key to becoming a master. The Viking Hammer Steel Tip Darts Set features high-quality alloy and perfect balance – hit your mark and feel the satisfaction of a true warrior!

- Flights: Custom Viking Hammer 100 Micron Small Standard Flights
- Shaft: Eagle Claw - Black In Between
- Points: Viking 35mm Engraved Steel Point
- Range: Viking Range
- Material: 90% Tungsten
- 20 gm
- Thread: 2BA
- Match Weighted: +/- 0.05 gm
- Featured Grip: Siege, Square Shark Fin
- Grip Level: 3/5
- Shaft: Carrot Shape
- Balance: Front Weighted
- PCT Coating: Gold