Viper Double Play Dartboard

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Bring home the fun of darts in addition to a whole new game experience with the Viper Double Play Dartboard, for use with steel-tip and soft-tip darts! This board is sure to bring hours of high-flying fun to your game room, and will certainly turn heads with its distinctive and bright colors. Constructed from high-density coiled paper fibers, this dartboard with stand up to tons of fun and use. There’s no better way to introduce your friends and family to the quick growing game of darts! This dartboard has twice the games with two distinct patterns: one side is a traditional dartboard featuring numbers from one to twenty with double and triple sections. The opposite side features a brand new game design: Baseball Darts! Relive America’s Pastime in a whole new way with darts! With an exterior hanging mount, setup is a snap with minimal tools. Included you’ll find playing instructions for popular games like 301 and Cricket, in addition to the rules for Baseball darts. You can get throwin… 

  • Tournament Quality Regulation 18” diameter accommodates both steel tip and soft tip darts.
  • High density coiled paper fibers construction ensures that your board will stand the test of time and colors will show brightly.
  • Double-faced board allows you to enjoy traditional dart games and all new baseball darts!
  • Pre-installed hanging bracket sets up quickly with minimal tools and setup.
  • Includes playing instructions for the most popular dart games: 301 and Cricket, in addition to new Baseball Darts, and two sets of starter darts.