Whole House Music System (New Construction) Gold

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We all enjoy music. It brings out the best of us, it draws emotion and simply makes us feel good! Implementing music in rooms that you know you will spend time in is worth the investment. Yes, you can buy a portable speaker but sound quality and performance only go so far. Making sure the battery is charged or finding space on a counter??? Ugh.. sounds like a pain to us. 

Having CAVES Custom Crew design and install custom speakers in the ceilings or walls allows for a cleverly hidden design and also all the performance you need with great sound quality and all the music you love in the palm of your hands.

CAVES has designed 3 levels of Whole House Audio Systems. These levels will accommodate any music lover. If you’re the client that wants to implement Smart Home options, the Gold level is your solution. If you want to use an easy-to-use app, Silver is your option. If you have been using Pandora or any other favorite streaming service, the Bronze level is your choice.


CAVES GOLD Whole Home Audio System-New Construction

*Savant Smart Home Whole House Audio System-Savant is a high-end Smart Home System that is robust to handle any challenges when controlling your home. Savant has an easy-to-use app that allows you to enjoy all of your favorite music. Savant also allows you to add on and grow your system. This isn’t a dead-end system. Encompass all your Smart Home categories together and allow Savant to control it all.

*Sonance Custom In-Ceiling Speakers-Sonance is one of the leaders in custom speakers. They are very rich in sound and blend into any room discretely.

*CAVES installation and prewire to selected rooms and also custom programming and tuning for your desired needs.