Wireless Surround Sound Package - Gold

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CAVES Wireless Surround Sound Packages

You want a fantastic surround sound system but wiring it up can be a challenge in your home? Our Wireless Surround Sound Packages are designed to meet all the challenges experienced in homes. We offer 3 tiers of Wireless Surround Sound Systems. They are Gold, Silver and Bronze. These Packages are compiled to get you premium sound, ease of use and the reliability for years to come.

Adding a Soundbar to your tv, will make it louder but often its not giving you the true surround effect that most people desire. Our Wireless Surround Systems will get you the immersive sound that the movie producers work hard to achieve when creating your favorite movie.

If the packages are not what you are desiring, let our design team custom design a system for your budget and your needs. These packages are starting points and can be built upon for a much larger broader system or they can be trimmed down to perform at a lower level or hit a smaller price point. We are here to help provide the right solution for every client.


CAVES Gold Wireless Surround Sound Package

Smart Home Wireless Surround Sound System Features:

  • Savant Smart Home 3 Channel LCR Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer-Vibration Cancelling Technology for an impactful range of Audio experience.
  • Savant Smart Home Soundbar allows you to expand your experience into the Smart Home World. Control Lighting, Tstats, Security and a whole lot more with the Smart Home Technology built-in to this Soundbar.
  • Savant Custom Fitted Grille to match any tv-make it look like it was fitted and designed for the tv. 
  • Savant Smart Audio Rear Speakers. These speakers allow for modular scaling to meet the needs for audiophile sound quality. Speakers come with Speaker Stands.
  • Savant Touchscreen Remote with wifi built in. Completely control you Surround system, lights, tstat and all of your Smart Home Needs.
  • Built-in Streaming Music-Enjoy your favorite music in a premium sound system.
  • Price includes install, programming and all cabling needed to make this a complete experience.



Upgraded Features from Silver Package:

  • Welcome to Smart Home-Soundbar has Smart Home Technology built in-Upgrade now or have the ability to expand later. You are purchasing future proof technology.
  • Savants speakers are made from a company called Artisan. These are High-End premium Speakers. You will be able to hear every detail without spending the big bucks on a full blown theater system.
  • Fitted Grill to look like it was intended to be there and not a add-on.
  • Smart Home Wifi Remote-Control meets convenience. Control all our smart home needs.